Working Environment

Transcene Corporation was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan. In order to meet the diversified and forward-looking needs of the market and customers, the company actively listens to customer voices, and is backed by high-standard R & D equipment, abundant production capacity, high efficiency and environmentally friendly production technology, and perfect quality management systems to provide high quality and cost competition Power products to help customers successfully obtain market opportunities. Looking ahead, Transcene Corporation continues to invest in the exploration and development of new materials, implement the company's vision of sustainable operation, increase the added value of the industry, and aim to facilitate human life, improve the quality of life, and build a better future.

Transcene Corporation strives to implement the spirit of fairness, reciprocity and sharing, and hopes that colleagues, shareholders, customers, suppliers and even the general public can feel happy because of Transcene Corporation's existence.

We provide unimpeded promotion channels. In addition to on-the-job training, colleagues are encouraged to give play to their strengths. It is expected that colleagues will be able to adapt to their career plans, find opportunities to play, realize self-worth, and gain a sense of accomplishment.



Company policy:labor protection、Health insurance、Overtime pay、Employee on-the-job training
Bonus benefits:New Year bonus、Dividends into shares、Employee birthday gift、Year-end bonuses、Three quarter bonus、performance bonus (Depending on the company's operating performance)
Vacation benefits:Paternity leave for male employees、Parental leave、Physiological leave、annual leave
Insurance benefits:Staff medical examination、Labor withdrawals、Occupational Disaster Insurance
Catering benefits:Meal fee、Meal allowance、Free meals
Entertainment benefits:Tail teeth and occasional meals
Subsidized benefits:Employee Marriage Allowance、Maternity benefits、Travel subsidy、Association grants


List of vacancies

Job title Qualification requirements Work content Employment Benefits People
Operator More than one year working experience Do not eat betel nut, no smoking Production machine operation, maintain a clean environment and complete tasks assigned by supervisor 27,000~40,000 3~5 應徵