2021/11/10~2021/11/12 TASS 2021 Asia's Sustainable Supply & Circular Economy Conference and Exhibition
This year, the focus of our exhibition is cradle to cradle production process of EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound) , CMP sludge recycling, and silicon industry cycle, filter lease model, zero waste solution of residue, etc.New recycling design schemes can significantly reduce waste disposal costs and provide savings. The new market development of circular products creates value-added circular economic benefits and reflects the derivative value of corporate social responsibility.
During the three days of the exhibition, we are grateful for the presence and guidance of distinguished guests flourished the exhibition. Our department members are also full of energy and committed to make the exhibition perfect.

Thanks to all the guests and colleagues behind the meeting, hoping there will be more opportunities for communication in the future, so as to realize a real circular economy and make Taiwan sustainable and cleaner environment!

Exhibition hall(1)

Exhibition hall (2)

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