2021/3/27 Chairman Yamin Hsieh as panelist of “Circular Taiwan” book launch party in Kaohsiung

Panel discussion of “Circular Taiwan” book launch party in Kaohsiung

Chaieman Yamin Hsieh share practical experiences in circular economy

Chairman Yamin Hsieh share experiences about renewable energy to renewable resources, circular economy in PV industry with audiences.
She mentioned that solar photovoltaics play a pivotal role in the process of energy transition. The rapid growth of solar energy in recent years has greatly helped to stabilize peak power consumption. However, the pollution while in production and recycling at the end of life are questions to society. It’s true that circular economy is the right way to dealing with the problem.
“Where there are the specification of resources, there are values”. Chairman Hsieh mentioned that the silicon briquette made from silicon sludge during wafer slicing not only solve the waste problem in solar wafer production but also fulfill the raw material of steel company. Furthermore, she mention that it’s important to find the demand before recycle. What she does is as a consultant to help companies in different field to run diagnosis of waste first, seek out value from composition of waste, product design and select and develop proper recycle technology.