2020/12/2~2020/12/4 TASS 2020 Asia's Sustainable Supply & Circular Economy Conference and Exhibition
     We announce not only our existing but also the latest project that co-work with SEMI industry; which include sillicon's circularity, IC packaging waste circularity, filter leasing, zero distillates project…etc. Our new projects decrease the cost of watse disposal process and also improve the efficiency. We truly achieve circular economy and CSR.  We provide professional consultation of circular economy. We can customise new project for different/special waste. We can do exam, recycle, re-design process, re-use product development and create new market for our customer. In this way we satisfied our customers' requirement in circularity.  We appreciate many professional experts and our customers came to visit us during the exhibition. It was very sucessful and we enjoyed the discussion with all participants.


Sillicon's circularity(b)


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